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  The Experience

Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle

It's not easy to put this experience into words. Much of it is best left as a mystery that unfolds slowly, yet steadily, right up to its joyous climax. It's "good stuff," for sure. What I feel is important for you to know about this work, is that you are at the helm of your life. What you do, say, and think, has an affect on you, and the lives of others. Your inner dialog sets you up to behave in certain ways. Your attitude is affected by this inner dialog, and your feelings are controlled by them. These stories/beliefs may seem like they are about people and things outside of yourself, but truly, these stories are all about you and how you feel at any given moment. When you feel good, you emanate an upbeat vibration and others feel that. When you are feeling, not so good, you emanate that as well, which often is expressed as resistance, dissatisfaction, irritability, harshness, anxiety, confusion, fear, and a general state of unrest. These emotions are often projected onto children, family, friends and co workers. Why not deal with what is causing this inner disturbance? I offer you practical tools to help you free yourself from the stories that are limiting your experience of life, and are keeping happiness and your desires at bay. Join me on this journey, taken by 100’s of people before you. Their lives have been changed, and I believe your life will be too. If you haven't already, see “Start Here.”

The 180 Minute Experience This is the enhanced Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves and the most presented HTS experience. Here you are able to take a little more time with your stories and dive a bit deeper into yourself, to uncover the limiting beliefs that stop you in your tracks, and hold your dreams and happiness hostage. We will travel together on a magnificent journey, where you will see yourself as the exceptional being that you are. You will know this place and be inspired to take back your power and live the life you desire. Come, join us! $95. sliding scale 

The 90 Minute Experience This is like a shot of espresso. It goes fast but is oh so potent! Like that cup of coffee, you will feel energized and uplifted upon its completion. Unlike coffee, you will feel the effect of this experience for a long time to come. Your experience may begin here, but it doesn't end here. You may even find yourself wanting to return, to experience it all again. Some do just that! This is the original version of Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves and is a great way to "cut to the quick" as they say. No time is wasted. We get right to it. So, jump in, the water is fine! $75. sliding scale

Full Day Experiences Available upon request for private groups and organizations.  $Neg. 

Private Sessions ​Groups or Individuals 

Special Events Unique opportunities to shift your stories.

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