Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle

 Empowering The Youth!

  HTS For Teens

    Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves is a great way to empower oneself, and it can be life changing for teens. It

    helps teens to gain perspective during a time that can be so confusing. I must say that I am impressed with today's

    youth. They are smart, and intuitive, and big hearted. They're real, and expressive, creative, and progressive thinkers.

    Some teens find themselves in hard places, experiencing depression, eating disorders, drug abuse, incarceration....

   Add bullying, teen pregnancy, and gender identity issues, and you have kids who are facing some pretty tough

   challenges. They need support. Stories created now, can last a lifetime. Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves with

   Mother Turtle For Teens, offers these amazing young souls tools to build inner strength, self confidence, courage,

   compassion, and focus. We work with perspective, and "Getting the Big Picture." Perspective is everything. It not

   only assists with problem solving, but it also reveals possibility. Possibility inspires hope. Where there is hope,

   lives thrive. It is my intention to uplift todays youth, by helping them to understand their own personal power,

   as well as the power of their stories. If you or someone you know would benefit from this work, please get in touch

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