Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle

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Healing The Stories And Mother Turtle


"...this class is so powerful. I see immediate movement in my self and my life." Angelique

This is a life changing experience. I have done it many times and each time

I catch another story that keeps me from being my authentic self. So I just keep on busting

through and dropping the weight of that story. Great work Marsia...you bless us all. Laney

" I did this class with Marsia... it rocked." Jason 

I took this amazing workshop and I'm still benefitting from what I learned. Ayesha

"Thank you for a wonderful workshop Saturday... I felt like the Earth was rising up and celebrating." Janet 

I can attest to this - I attended her workshop this summer and it was transformational.

It has given me clarity and focus that is producing great effects in my life.Tim

I took this class at the Belly and Womb conference and I can say

Marsia did an amazing job. Each part of the class was more than informative

it was transformative... catching every aspect of how I learn. She engaged me

completely, inspired me beyond my comfort zone and

completely supported my journey safely and with joy! Kathleen

Great Class! Mother Turtle's the stories we tell ourselves workshop has the power
to free you from large pieces of personal baggage. You will not regret this investment. Opeyemi

"Thank you so much for your transformational workshop...

Profound and deep, gentle and inspiring!" Tiffany

I've experienced Marsia's workshop. It was life changing for me. It was at her workshop that I first realized I had difficulty

saying the word "no." "No I don't want to go out with you." "No you cannot treat me that way." "No that's unacceptable."

These were phrases I didn't use. Going to her workshop and experiencing that sisterhood.... it was amazing. If you haven't experienced Mother Turtle, I highly recommend you do. Maisha

“Thank you Mother Turtle for emphasizing that we have a choice to make.” Anonymous

I can testify that THIS is one of the most healing and growth producing workshops I have ever attended. Marsia, you are an amazing portal into self healing! ​Suzanne