Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle

The Journey So far:

The first time I presented Healing The Stories, I thought, “Now, that was phenomenal. I’m glad I tried it." I thought that would be it. A one time wonder. But it soon became obvious that it was important to continue offering the experience. Now, over the last nine years, I have worked with hundreds of women and men around shifting their limiting beliefs. Groups have been facilitated in various venues both public and private, at crisis and recovery centers, where I have worked with both clients and administrative staff and volunteers, and at conferences, women's gatherings and Red Tents, as well as at various events and festivals. Feedback is positive and I continue to be inspired by what takes place while we are together. It's been incredible so far and I have no intention of stopping! As far as I can tell, both women and men are finding resonance with this work that goes deep into the depths of who we truly are. We know somehow, that there is treasure to be found in those depths and healing and transformation upon our return. Indeed, we can live with greater ease, joy and reverence for life. We can be liberated from what binds us and holds us hostage. It is my intention to offer a means by which to free ourselves and the Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle experience is a unique opportunity to do just that. I truly hope that you will choose to come for an experience. Check the “Join US!” menu for dates and times, and don’t forget that you can bring Mother Turtle to you! See: “On the Road” to learn how. Thank you for stopping by, and please come back again.

Be Well,

Marsia Shuron Harris/aka Mother Turtle

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Photo: Gretchen Kainz 

Mother Turtle

Marsia Shuron Harris aka Mother Turtle, is an artist and the creator of Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves With Mother Turtle.  As a professional musician, Marsia has performed her original compositions for over 25 years. She is the author of the popular chant "Rise Up" featured in the film, "Things We Don't Talk About - Women's Stories from the Red Tent," produced by ALisa Starkweather and filmmaker Isadora Leidenfrost. Her song "Red Tent Temple" was written for the film. Mother Turtles' voice is distinctive, often compared to Joan Armatrading, dark chocolate, and maple tree trunks! Her songs are rooted in personal growth, love, social consciousness, and a greater vision for the world as a whole. Marsia is passionate about music and she continues to write songs that move not only your hips, but your heart as well. In 2009 she created and began facilitating “Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves,” where she helps women and men uncover the limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of their happiness, success, and greatest desires. As a coach and facilitator, Marsia is funny, compassionate, and gifted with the ability to get you out of your head and into your heart. Using her voice as a tool for healing, she can lift you to great heights through her song, as well as take you to those deep places within that are seeking illumination. Mother Turtle is a wonderful guide for this interactive journey of self discovery, empowerment, and personal transformation. 

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