Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle

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Introducing: "Soul Sessions!" 

Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves & Mother Turtle Photography merge to bring you an exciting, new and powerful visual tool that helps to remind you of, who you are and can be, your passions, dreams and your goals. "Soul Sessions" seek to capture what you honor, and want to see more of in your life. The photographs from your session are a unique gift to give to yourself and will continue to inspire you for many years to come. Each photo shoot is personal and built around a concept, idea, or desire. Your final image(s) are presented to you as works of art and will help to keep you present with what you are dreaming, as well as helps you to focus on your dreams and intentions. 

Here are a few Soul Sessions for your consideration:

  • "Goddess in the Mirror" An uplifting, life affirming way to remind yourself of your true essence. Goddess. These images will affirm for you everyday, that you are more than worthy of the best that life has to offer. You are actually entitled to it. Now hang that on your wall!


  • "Be Who You Want To Be" focuses on capturing images that speak of who you want to be. It may be time for your inner warrior to come out, or your inner rock star, queen, entrepreneur, artist, inventor, visionary, adventurer... You can have as much fun with this as you'd like. The images become symbols for your personal enrichment and act as a sort of "vision board," a powerful tool to assist you in manifesting your desired life.

  • "Be Who You Are" is for those seeking greater peace within and a desire to own who they are more fully. You are ready to embrace your greatness and are loving yourself like never before. Images from this session will encourage you to continue your personal work and be an affirmation of how far you have come. You being you is a beautiful thing. Let's photograph it!  ​ 


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