How it Works 


See it, believe it! Photos help us to believe. What we believe, we find evidence of. Having a photograph that honors

you and your desires, will remind you of what matters to you and help you to open up to possibility. Your Soul Session images serve as a visual aid to stimulate focus, and can motivate you to take steps toward manifesting your goals.

Create Your Life Vision Now with Mother Turtle Photography!
 Any time we engage in mindfully creating a better life for ourselves, we are

inviting in personal transformation; transformation of what is not energizing or sustaining for our lives. This transformation happens when we make a commitment to ourselves for our own wellbeing, and take responsibility for doing the

"inner" work required (healing the stories...), so that we may embody what we desire and welcome in change 

and all that serves and uplifts us. Mother Turtle has merged her work of Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves with her fine art portrait photography, to create a unique service that can provide healing and personal enrichment, as well as 

wonderful works of art that you will want to display. 

Live Your Passion!
Vision is the creator of dreams. Doubt the creator of none. What we believe has a huge effect on the way we perceive the world and the stories we tell ourselves about that world and our place within it. Our limiting beliefs are at the core of our suffering, and our desires at the core of our happiness. Our passions are worthy of our attention. They enliven us and

bring us joy. It's time to honor what matters to us. Bring it out and look at it. Feel it. Love it. Hold it!

Your Soul Session photographs will reveal your affirmations and the parts of you that you would like to see more of. 
Maybe that's your happy self, or your funny self, or your focused, productive, creative, and prospering self! Maybe it's your rock star, your warrior, your wild woman, your queen, your king... Let's bring more of you into being. We will use whatever we can to help bring your vision to life. Your final image(s) will be a sort of "vision board,"

a powerful tool for your personal development, goal setting, and manifestation!


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Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle