Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle

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About Healing The Stories

Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle is a unique, interactive experience for women and men, that helps you to break free of the stories that are weighing down and limiting your life. These "stories" stop you in your tracks, deflate you, steal your power, and stand in the way of your joy, success, dreams and deepest desires.

Humans are complex, multifaceted beings. Our psychology plays into everything we think, say and do. What we believe about ourselves, others, and the world, is not always based in truth. We are shaped by our experiences and form beliefs around the events and circumstances that take place in our lives. We carry these stories in our bodies, not realizing their weight and toxicity, which in turn can cause the body to become imbalanced and opens the door to dis-ease. Throughout this experience, you will explore your stories. Those stories that tell you that you are not enough. Stories that limit your experience of life.
Here, you are given the opportunity to identify and address your stories, in a safe non-judgmental way that honors you and all that you have been through, while lifting you up to give you greater perspective and new ways of seeing and thinking

The HTS Experience will engage your senses, using song, meditation, game, and symbols, to access your inner knowing. From this place of wisdom, you look at how you can shift that which has been a barrier to your very own peace of mind and happiness. You enter deep into your heart and embark upon a journey of discovery, freedom, and the setting of new intentions. You become enlivened, energized, and inspiredto live your most desired life. Join us!


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